What Wedding Photographers in Charlotte, NC Should Use During a Low Light Scene

How to Take Photographs at Night

If you are going for a beach wedding, definitely, it would last until the end of the night. Mostly, when it’s a beach wedding, the ceremony will be held later on the afternoon as to wait for the setting of the sun. Probably, the reception would follow after the sun sets. For this kind of celebration, you will need a professional wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC who is able shoot and take great pictures at a night wedding.

Wedding PhotoIf you are beginner in photography and wants to try shooting for a night photography, here are the list of things that you can do.

Use the location

First and foremost, you should know your location. Visit the place before the wedding day and look for perfect spots for your photography wherein you can position yourself. During the actual wedding, you should be there right before the sun sets. See to it that you’ve already assembled your equipments before everything goes dark. Knowing the in’s and out’s of your location would help you to easily run from here to there.

Use the available lights

Make use of artificial lights available at the place. As a future professional Charlotte photographers, you should know how to take advantage of streetlights, light trails from cars and other available lights. They add a good drama to photographs when used creatively.

Use a tripod

If you’re not worrying about your subject or the shoot requires no movement, you should use a tripod for stability. This way, it will give you more opportunities to focus carefully on the subject. If you use a tripod, you are free to use low aperture lenses and low ISOs.

Use the flash

If you are going to shoot a low-light portrait, you can make use of the flash. Using low ISOs and fill flash, you will get a cleaner picture. If you are shooting on mostly tungsten lights, use a warming gel over the flash so as to blend its color to the light of the scene. This will enhance your photos. And, if you are shooting on a non-lighted location, use the camera’s slow sync flash.

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