What are the New Floral Trend from Wedding Florists in Dallas, TX?

Wedding Florists Guide to Flower Trends

What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding? Are you looking for a chic and trendy floral motif, or would you like the décor to be planted with romantic symbolism? Whatever your preference, the added ambiance of a few well-placed blooms or a stylish bouquet can really add to the overall atmosphere of your big day, which is why some wedding florists in Dallas, TX dug deep to bring you the most popular wedding floral trends. Today’s trends are as diverse as a wildflower bouquet, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will fit in with your wedding’s theme, no matter how traditional or cutting-edge you want it to be.

Furs and Feathers

This flamboyant pairing might seem a little risqué or kitschy, but adding a few feathers or some faux fur to your bouquet can be both beautiful and striking. Fur and feathers add a little warmth to a bouquet for fall and winter weddings. You can encircle your bouquet with a little ring of white fur for a crisp look or dyed fur to match your dress or flowers. A lining of white or green faux fur creates exotic interest when wrapped around a tall bouquet of orchids and peacock feathers. For a more neutral palette, a fur wrap on a small bouquet of white flowers accented with ostrich feathers adds some style to a winter wedding color scheme.

Wedding FloristShowstoppers

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the center of attention on your wedding day. To make sure you remain the focus of everyone’s gaze, try holding onto a large, vibrant bouquet. You’ll want to use colors that really stand out, so choose flowers that aren’t used anywhere else in your décor scheme. For example, if you’re in a chapel adorned with white and red roses, a bouquet filled with bright blue irises or hydrangeas and striking yellow lilies will ensure that any wandering eyes find their way back to you! Of course, you won’t want to deviate too drastically from your color scheme.

Bejeweled Bouquets

No matter what kind of floral décor you decide on, you can always glam up your flowers by attaching some inexpensive jewelry to them. This is one great idea that your wedding florists in Dallas, TX can suggest to you. Now, we’re not talking about transforming your beautiful wedding bouquet into a tacky, rhinestone-encrusted ornament not normally seen this side of a BeDazzler. But you can add some style to your flowers by sticking a few pearl-tipped pins into an arrangement of like-colored blooms, or by pinning a faux diamond brooch to the bouquet wrap. This will provide exceptional details in your wedding photographs. You can match the jewels to your color scheme, the color of the flowers or any other element you want to complement. Just try not to go overboard. There’s a fine line between gaudy and chic, so less is usually more. You need to be as creative as possible to achieve success on your floral decors.

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