Interestingly Shaped Geometric Wedding Cakes from Boston, MA

Unique Wedding Cake Shapes

Geometric wedding cakes from Boston, MA are starting to become all the rage this modern day and age, you can see a lot of photographs online. Having a traditional round or square wedding cake isn’t enough for some couples anymore. Luckily many bakers are unique and inspirational; they keep on looking and experimenting with many interesting cake shapes that can really surprise your guests. A nice thing about geometric cakes is that coming up with inspiration for it is not as hard as you may think. Thanks to the internet there are many different pictures of unique geometric cakes and many are all so beautiful.

Wedding CakeAn interesting idea for a geometric cake is having each layer made in squares, but instead of setting them up properly in order for them to align you can set them up in different positions for each layer. Pairing it with interesting colors will also give you the feel of an out of this world cake and it will look really unique.

Continuing with this idea, many bakers use this reference when making wedding cakes in Boston, MA and turn it into something even more elegant. You can try to make each layer into a shape of a gift (like what you would usually receive in weddings) and with added ribbon to add more to that wedding present feel it would look all too amazing.

If you’re feeling like square or rectangular shapes are a bore for you, you can go for something a little more interesting. Rather than going back to the traditional round wedding cake shape why not mix it up? You can have a square base and then one smaller round cake on top? This is a cool trick as you can put other toppers around the sides of the round top. Or go for an even taller cake. If you want to have some laughs you can even make a triangle shaped cake.

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