Finding and Making Appointments with Houston, TX Wedding Catering Providers

How to Find and Make Appointments with Caterers

Wedding cateringOne of the big factors that are needed to be settled on the onset of planning is the catering service and photography services. There are so many cases wherein couples are having difficulties in terms of finding the best provider in town. In order to determine if the providers of wedding catering in Houston, TX are indeed reputable, you need to do further research.

If you are not sure about the provider, the first thing to look at is the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. In BBB’s database, you can see reviews and complaints filed by customers against a certain provider. Excellent providers are rated A+ in BBB.

Here are some of the how to’s on how to find a caterer:

ICA (International Caterers Association) and NACE (National Association of Catering Executives)

If you want a trusted referral, use the resources of ICA and NACE since they are considered as the authority when it comes to regulating caterers in the United States. By visiting their websites, you will be exposed to different reputable options.

Referrals from other wedding vendors

In the bridal market, everyone knows anyone. By asking your florist, photographer or even venue owner, you can save time and effort. For sure, these vendors know someone who is a trusted caterer in the market.

Favorite restaurants

You don’t need to look somewhere else if you have a favorite restaurant in the local area. The only thing that you need to do is ask the owner if they are open to cater your wedding.

After finding your preferred caterer, the next thing to do is make an appointment. Here is how you should make an appointment with a caterer:

(1) When your wedding is slated during peak season, please make sure that you schedule for tasting and interview. By doing this, you can decide whether you’ll get the service or not.

(2) Before you go home, make sure that you also ask for the catering outline, business card, and list of alternatives.

Things To Know:

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