Candy Bars at Wedding Venues in Portland, OR

Sweets for Wedding Reception

Making your reception memorable and fun is not an easy task. There are thousands of ideas out there that might help you but sometimes these ideas are for adult guests only. What if you have kids and teenagers who will attend the wedding?

Wedding VenueIn the past few years many couples tend to serve wedding food at the reception that is perfect and delicious but no matter how good the food is it might turn out to be boring. Candy bars for wedding venues in Portland, OR is becoming popular. This will not only excite kids but also the adults who love sugar rush. Couples believe that the candy bar will make everything very youthful and fun. Serving different sweets at the reception will also help the guests to be socially sweet. The preparation does not require expertise. However, candy buffet is not as affordable as you think. It is important that you think about the buffet twice. If you’ve been doing a candy buffet before then you might not need a help from the professionals. On the other hand, spending for candies is not really that bad because it works best. All you need is a budget, creativity and plan. If you decided to have one for your wedding it is crucial that you plan ahead of time. Keep in mind that the candy bar should match the theme of your wedding. It can be a real hit with your guests, if it is well-organized.

First thing that you need to do is to pick the type of candy that you are going to use for the candy bar for your wedding venue in Portland, OR. List down all the candies you want to serve and make sure that it is available in your area but if you have huge budget you may want to consider purchasing online from other states. You can also create your own candies using recipes from online, however such idea requires a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, you can personalized the candies at your reception if you’ll be the one to create. You can simply add initials or wedding date to the candies. While, considering these options for your wedding venues in Portland, OR you also need to think how it will blend to your theme. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research in terms of candy presentation.

You can serve couple of sweets for the wedding venues in Portland, OR such as cotton candies, cakepop, mini cakes, cup cakes, chewy, jelly beans, lollipop, chocolates, cookies, pies and a lot more. You can even add ice cream, sherbets, different kinds of smoothies, popsicles, and sweetened dried fruits, skyis the limit. Just make sure that whatever sweets that you are preparing it should also match the season. Like for example, summer wedding requires coolers, you can server all types of frozen sweets and shakes. If you are concern about the health of your guests you can simply serve sweets that use natural sweeteners rather than sugar.

Good thing about putting buffet candy in your wedding venues in Portland, OR is that you can serve the candies individually by wrapping them with colored cellophane or box and consider it as wedding favor. This will also help you to eliminate chaos.

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