Best DIY Wedding Decors that You Will Surely Like

What DIY Wedding Decors to Have in Your Nuptial?

All About WeddingDIY decorations add a personal and creative touch in whatever space they are used. Handmade projects are the perfect way to mix originality with personality. But when it comes to your wedding, some things should be left to the professionals. Taking on too many DIY wedding projects can you leave you overworked, stressed and frankly, wasting time. Figure out ahead of time which projects not to DIY and which projects you will enjoy and not feel stressed about taking on. Here are some of the best decors that you can have:

Wedding Invitations

If you take a look at DIY Wedding statistics, you may notice that the most common DIY Wedding activity starts at the invitations. Although there is basic etiquette for writing a wedding invitation, there is so much room for creativity. From themes to color schemes to font types to format, there are an endless number of ways you can make your invitations truly yours. Making your own invitations gives your invitees the sense that you are reaching out to them personally.

Place Cards

If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding decorations, place cards are a great way to do so. The guests will definitely notice your work (since it involves their names) and there are a million different directions you could take with this creative project. If you have a wedding theme, color scheme or specific flower types, you can easily match the place cards to other aspects of your wedding. If you want to stray from the other themes, you could prop the place cards on clean cork lids, place the name on the back of a photograph, attach the place card as a tag on a flower, or cut the place card in fun shapes. There is no limit to how creative you can get with this project.

Gift Table

Another great way to put a personal spin on your wedding decorations is through your gift table. There are many creative ways to decorate a gift table but the best part is that you get to really put your own spin on a decoration that no one can miss. Like other items on the list, you can make your gift table match a theme or color pattern. It can be classic, vintage, quirky, playful or simple. You can decorate the table with photos or initials of the bride and groom, or it can have it’s own completely separate image.


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