A Simple Guide in Establishing a Wedding Timeline

How to Make Your Wedding Planning Move?

Conventional wisdom – the emphasis being in “conventional” – says to allot one year to plan a wedding. Who’s kidding whom? Many couples today don’t have the luxury of time, or simply don’t want to drag things out after popping the question. Case in point: wedding planners have a week to plan and pull off an affair to remember for a lucky bride and groom.

Whether you’re planning for a quickie wedding or a lengthy engagement, you’ll need to budget your time wisely. Your money isn’t the only thing that’s valuable. To keep the stress in check during the hustle-bustle, consider these time management tips:

Take baby steps

In the workforce how many times have you heard someone say to look at the big picture? Well this is one time when thinking small may save your sanity. Looking at everything that you have to accomplish the big day can be overwhelming, so break tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Granted, if you only have two weeks to plan a wedding, you’ll have to fast-forward things and take leaps rather than small steps.

All About WeddingDelegate

One person can’t do it all – nor should one have to. Have a chat with your mate to divvy up tasks. Don’t stop there. Enlist the help of a family member and friends, taking advantage of their special talents. An aunt who  loves to bake might enjoy calling bakeries to get estimates and photos of their work, or a friend who’s a graphic designer may have ideas for your wedding program and might even volunteer to make them. This will make your work easier if you are planning your own wedding day.

Get organised

You probably know that panicked feeling of hunting for keys when you’re already late for work or searching through piles on your desk to try to find an important document. To prevent wasting similar time and energy on your wedding, set up an organizational system. You don’t have to spend money on a pricey wedding organizer. An ordinary three-ring binder with pockets and divider sections for organizing things by category will work just fine. On your computer set up a folder marked “wedding” and make sure all correspondence pertaining to the event goes in there for easy retrieval. The key is to find a system that works for you. Make one big checklist of everything that needs from venue down to photography to get done, and cross off the tasks as you finish them.

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