3 Wedding Catering Treats that Your Guests in San Jose, CA Won’t Resist

What Food to Serve on the Reception

Wedding CateringChoosing the right food for your wedding catering in San Jose, CA can be a little tricky. You need to pick a menu that won’t upset you vegetarian friends and won’t leave your meat-eater guests behind. You have to make sure that what you will be serving will satisfy general number of your guests. You have to know the general food idea that would preferably be ok with your guests. So, if you want their stomachs full and satisfied, here are some alternatives to the traditional chicken dish that your guests can’t resist.


Though really not an ideal dish for a high-class weddings, this dish is an all time favorite by most people. Nothing beats an award-winning barbecue dipped in an ultimately mouth-watering sauce. No one can resist this good old comfort food. Just prepare extra tissues, preferably wet tissues and your guests will surely feast on this one without looking awful in wedding photos.


Even if you are not a fish-eater, you can’t resist a fresh salmon recipe. Wedding caterings in San Jose, CA love preparing this dish because it is simple, fresh and very delicious. With the right ingredients and the right amount of heat, you’ll have a gourmet right on top of your table. This will surely please almost all the people in the party. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals that helps to maintain a healthy heart.


This cute little sweets are the new wedding cakes. They’re small but they’re big in taste. Try this alternative to satisfy your craving for sweet foods. Order for different flavors as to please the picky eaters. These little treats also come in different designs. Be creative, be bold and everyone would love your dessert.

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